As I am immersed in the fascinating writing of Ludwig's life and his arrival in Vienna in 1792, I wonder about what life was like in his day and the long journeys, in coach, that composers did to satisfy their art. Art, which one can easily say, that Ludwig to take to the highest heights. I was there in my reflection, when suddenly, I said to myself that it was perhaps time that I write it ... My biography ... Yes, you have to when you are the owner of a site. But if writing about Beethoven , Rachmaninoff or Vivaldi is an easy thing for me, writing an "About" or in other words talking about yourself objectively and with discernment, is not an easy task. .. Far from it. I admit that with this biography, it is the perfect opportunity to reveal to you who I am, and what I have done so that we can establish a real connection, but you still have so much to discover about my existence! So above all do not leave and enjoy reading.


But then who is the author of this site? I am not going back to my pseudonym. To know the story of the latter, go to the home page. I see the light the day before the events of 1968 in the city of the miserable by Victor Hugo or more recently, in the city of Ladj Ly and his film of the same title as the novel.


Explorer-born and self-taught, always alert, with a constantly boiling curiosity, I express myself in simple terms, sometimes exaggerated or tinged with dramatic nuances. I love to chat and flutter with my neurons and I also enjoy humor especially when it's dark, like my coffee. In search of the truth, my alert, quick and insightful mind is that of an eternal student who loves to learn and keep abreast of what is happening on the planet. Ahead of my time, I like to jostle others with my worldview, because I need to push forward my progressive ideas and there is no shortage of them. I am, moreover, renowned for formulating them eloquently. As such, I like to seduce and captivate my audience, which sometimes leads me to be labeled a talkative.


Others also perceive in me an unwavering inner strength accompanied by a strong personality. In the end, this instinct is not a handicap because it is rather my reason that dominates and determines my choices. Perfectly structured, it is quite difficult to destabilize me. Beyond reason, willpower and perseverance drive me but can result in a form of lack of restraint, recklessness, arrogance or even a suspicion of tyranny. Sometimes I can gain enmity from others for a few unhappy and thoughtless words.


We recognize my overview, because I am able to generalize and group information in a relevant way. Reputed to be of good advice, I am especially endowed with a solid common sense which allows me to easily gauge situations and people. Moreover, a great follower of Lao Tseu and Confucius , I am often called upon for my philosophical spirit.


Thanks to my global vision of apprehension of the world, many doors open to me and my intuition allows me to quickly take the steps. However, I remain objective and I know how to admit my mistakes with good grace most of the time, but also sometimes with some reservations. Adept at criticism which is undoubtedly and when it is constructive, an ally in order to progress, I do not hesitate to ask those around me to help me discern my weaknesses and my shortcomings, which allows me to find avenues for remediate. My sense of listening and my ability to question also allow me to readjust my projects on a daily basis while maintaining a long-term projection.


Eternal impatience, independence and freedom adorn my coat of arms. I am of a rather autonomous nature and if I need a certain freedom, it is not to feel oppressed. Because of this, I may sometimes want to isolate myself, because I am deeply lonely. Nevertheless, I remain particularly stimulated by relationships, especially those that are out of the ordinary, especially intellectually.


I have the soul of an organizer or an administrator thanks to my excellent overview. More a director than a theorist, I subtly grasp the substance of things in order to allow the realization of concrete things. Thanks to this sense of analysis, I immediately measure the practical measures to be taken. Thus, I am made to draw up plans, provide general indications without having to deal with routine work. In addition, conciliatory and open, I know how to adopt the appropriate behavior in each situation and to put everyone at ease. In this image, my professional, unwavering attitude allows me to systematically find a solution or a solution to the point of bordering on opportunism. In reality, I don't necessarily try to impose myself at all costs, but I know how to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to me.


Easy going, what I seek above all is harmony and good taste, because I am sensitive to my environment. A nuanced artist, I am drawn to mystery and spirituality without going as far as dogmatism. Loyal, I am faithful to the word given, which in my eyes is worth as much as a signature. As I am whole, I hate anything that is covered up. I simply appreciate the clear and direct situations, as well as the certainties. My intuitions allow me to quickly grasp the circumstantial problems, but I cannot stand the obstacles which would hamper my freedom or my independence. I am at the same time positive, imaginative, excessive, generous, honest and upright. Thus, my objectives avoid all banality and allow me to constantly create in an unbridled way.


As a child, I dreamed of two things: being a pianist and a conductor. Indeed, classical music, for I do not know what reason, has always rocked me like this haunting concerto No.5, the emperor, which was certainly the work that triggered in me this desire to feel the keyboard. . Unfortunately, this was not the dream of my parents, civil servants who otherwise hated classical music. It will take me more than twenty years to go from dream to reality ... Read more ...