Welcome to the Universe of Noan. If you are coming to my site for the first time, allow me to introduce myself to you, Dear Readers. My name is Noan Benito Vega, but just call me Noan, it's more fun. At this precise moment in your reading, you are probably wondering why the universe? And above all… Why Noan?


One can reasonably think that, in its philosophical form, the universe is a set of things or concepts forming a particular world. I like this definition, because it represents exactly what the Universe of Noan is, a particular world… Mine and Noan Benito Vega, my pseudonym or my pen name, for the readers of Télérama. Allow me to enlighten you on this pseudonym that I did not choose at random as you can imagine. In fact, Noan, Celtic first name, happens to be a contraction of my real name and surname and Benito Vega, is my birth name, period.


If you want to know more, find my journey under the about section. Do not hesitate, either, to consult the legal notices as well as the confidentiality policy. You can also subscribe to the newsletter by going to the contact page to stay informed of the various publications that I invite you, moreover, to consult on the Articles page of the site, site of which I would like to tell you a few words.


Overcoming by force of will the trials of twenty years marked by illness, the gestation of the Universe of Noan will have been very long. During this period, I was also engaged in the incredible whirlwind of the digital revolution with for centers of interest, the classical music, the history, the cinema, the series, the great dynasties and many other subjects still on which I sincerely wanted to write through a site or a blog. After many internal conflicts, I finally chose the two media to express myself.

On the blog , which I created, via the Overblog platform, I will offer you many themes that fascinate me as I mentioned above. The site, for its part, created via the Wix platform, will be entirely devoted to classical music. I will evoke for you, dear Internet friends, the heyday of classical music. I will discuss the composers, the works, the performers, the great conductors, the most famous orchestras, the mythical halls ...


As I confided above, the course of the Universe of Noan was that of the fighter, to say the least ... Often stopped during its development, I had to rethink many times 'Universe of Noan both in substance and in form, because, like any universe, the Universe of Noan is neither immutable, nor even immobile: its constituent elements are born, live, and sometimes die to allow its evolution, however , even in this minimalist version of the initial project, today I can be proud of the progress that has been made so far, for the first time in twenty years… It is my shrink who will be delighted. I send him a big thank you for his support.


A universe in perpetual movement therefore, because the Universe of Noan is also a journey ... A musical journey through time to which I invite you, a journey that is both critical and sentimental from the 17th century to the present day ... Read more…